Skyhook by Wayne Vaughn

Downtown Cleveland, Mississippi

With a venerable career in construction preceding his foray into welding and public art installations, Wayne Vaughn knows what it takes to work ”big” both in form and space. “It’s a very pleasing scale to me; I like to work big,” Vaughn admits. “I have the equipment and I know how to do it, so it’s the right decision for me.” His construction background also provides muse for Vaughn’s latest installation in Mississippi. “It’s a classic joke to all the new guys on a construction site, ‘Hey Newbie, go get me the sky hooks.’ The joke being there is no such thing, but sometimes when you just can’t reach something or get to something comfortably, you sure wish there was such a thing,” Vaughn laughs. “It’s a fun piece, whimsical. I’m pleased with how it turned out.”