Sculpture Garden Committee

nan sanders.JPG

Nan Sanders

Nan Sanders is co-founder of the Sculpture Garden, inspired by the vision of her friend, the late Pam Mathews. The Sanders Family is very grateful to the talented team that assists them fulfill this dream.


Ron Koehler

Ron Koehler is a sculptor and former chair of the Department of Art at Delta State University, retiring after 35 years of service.  He was one of the original members of the Public Art and Landscape Advisory Committee (PAL) in 2000.  His contributions span from being a liaison to each sculptor to placement and installation.


Dr. Myrtis Tabb

Myrtis Tabb is the retired Associate Vice President of Finance – Administration at Delta State University. As Chair of the committee, she provides leadership to organize and focus to the work of the committee.  She assists in planning and developing the long range goals with the committee members to accomplish the work plan for the sculpture garden. 


Rori E. Herbison

Rori Eddie Herbison joined the SG team in 2011 at the installation of the fifth competition class. She is charged with directing the logistics of the artists’ arrival into town, as well as interviewing the sculptors for the video elements of the website. She assists in storyboarding the packages and finalizing edits. Herbison has served as Executive Director of the Delta Arts Alliance since 2013.


Michael Stanley

Michael Stanley is the Chair of the Art Department at Delta State University where he teaches Sculpture and Furniture Design.  He is also the President of Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society and organizes over 500 chapters worldwide.  Michael helps facilitate the sculpture installations, helps pour pads for each sculpture, and helps with maintenance of the sculptures in the garden. 


Laura Howell

Laura Howell serves as the Executive Director of the Bologna Performing Arts Center, located just behind the Sculpture Garden, and is responsible for planning and coordinating events in the Garden throughout the year, in addition to serving as the committee’s secretary.


Laura Beth Lott

Laura Beth, a graduate of Delta State University and owner of Cotton Row Creative, joined the team in 2015 to redesign and maintain the website. She produces the digital, print, and social media in promotion of the Sculpture Garden.