Competition Winners

Competition Class VII: Fall 2015-2017

Divergent (With I), Andrew Light (Lexington, KY)

Closer Separation, Ben Pierce (Cape Girardeau, MO)

Tribute to Stradivarius, Bryan Massey (Conway, AR)

Winged Totem, Glenn Zweygardt (Alfred Station, NY)

Sonata #1, Hanna Jubran (Grimesland, NC)

Dancer 10, Jack Howard-Potter (New York, NY)

This is a Piece of Something That I Had to Go Through, James Davis (Hattiesburg, MS)

Bass Riff, James Davis (Hattiesburg, MS)

Ramblin' Return, John Ellis (Batesville, AR)

Man With a Guitar, Mark Dickson (Tallahassee, FL)

Generational Slaps, Matt Miller (Cape Girardeau, MO)

Blues Man, Michael Stanley (Cleveland, MS)

Lifted, Nathan S. Pierce (Cape Girardeau, MO)

Interlude, Wayne Vaughn (Graham, NC)


Competition Class IV: Fall 2009—2011

Safety First—Land Buoy, Roger Halligan (Chattanooga, TN)

Triolisk, Dan Johnson (Alto Pass, IL)

ZigZag, Stephen Janesko (Tonganoxie, KS)

Presents from Heaven, Wayne Trapp (Vilas, NC)

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Hanna Jubran (Grimesland, NC)

Oracle, Durant Thompson (Oxford, MS)

Homage to Growth, Glenn Zweygardt (Alfred Station, NY)

Prism Arc K, Carl Billingsley (Ayden, NC)

The Dance, Davis Whitfield (Mountain City, NC)

*Lonesome Old River, Gary Mitchell (St. Louis, MO)

Competition Class V: Fall 2011—2013

Transformation 1, Ray Katz (Pontiac, MI)

To & Fro, Aaron Hussey (Baton Rouge, LA)

Eyes of the Storm, Bryan Winfred Massey, Sr. (Conway, AR)

Prism Arc Gray, Carl Billingsley (Ayden, NC)

Samuel's Alter, Shawn Phillip Morin (Green, OH)

Eclipse, John Ellis (Batesville, AR)

Shadow Cast, Davis Whitfield (Mountain City, NC)

Draped Landolina, Gary Mitchell (St. Louis, MO)

Balance, Graham Erisman (Greenville, NC)

*Rising Sun, Hanna Jubran (Grimesland, NC)

Competition Class III: Fall 2007—2009

Lazarus and the Rich Man, Aaron Lee Benson (Jackson, TN)

Ocular Device, Carl Billingsley (Ayden, NC)

Eyes of Dawn, Carl Billingsley (Ayden, NC)

Bali Ho, Dan Johnson (Alto Pass, IL)

Wheel, Claudia Jane Klein (Lake Forth, FL)

Adam and Eve Mourning over the Soul of Abel, Bryan Winfred Massey, Sr. (Conway, AR)

Draped Cannonball, Gary Mitchell (St. Louis, MO)

Still Life, Bruce White (DeKalb, IL)

Origin Marker I, Glenn Zweygardt (Alfred Station, NY)

Malachite Voyager, Glenn Zweygardt (Alfred Station, NY)

*Roots Revisited, Glenn Zweygardt (Alfred Station, NY)

Competition Class I: Fall 2000—2002

Eyes of the Needle, Carl Billingsley (Ayden, NC)

And Then There Was None, Ann Melanie (Winterville, NC)

Tier, Ann Melanie (Winterville, NC)

Humpback, Ray Parrish (El Paso, TX)

Wedge, Skip Van Houten (Hattiesburg, MS)

Walking Bobs, Barrett Debusk (Lakeside, TX)

Sky Keeper, Glenn Zweygardt (Alfred Station, NY)

*Wind Harp, Wayne Trapp (Vilas, NC)