Fermata by Wayne Vaughn

The GRAMMY® Museum Mississippi

As defined in its musical context, a fermata is a pause of unspecified length on a note or rest. As defined by the sculpture of the same name, Wayne Vaughn explains, “My sister passed away while I was working on this piece and it ended up taking on a whole new meaning and significance. Just like in a musical composition, you have pauses in life, and in this case, it was a death in our family we had to overcome. We paused and grieved, and then we moved on; and in the business of getting on, this piece was created.” A classically trained musician and founding member of the over 30-year-old Triangle Brass Band, Vaughn is thrilled to have a piece of his work placed at the GRAMMY® Museum Mississippi, even joking, “I text all my music buddies and told them I made it at the GRAMMY® Museum before they did.”