Torso by Lynn Olson


Fiber Cement, 42 ½”


Valparaiso, Indiana


“My sculptural work has developed techniques for making portland cement into a direct aesthetic medium. The direct modeling techniques that I have developed free cement sculpture from the limiting and restrictive constrictions of the casting process. These direct techniques now make it possible to build steel reinforced cement designs of any size and of any complexity. Steel wool fibers, carbon fibers and pigments in white cement matrix now make it possible to shape the most intricate surface details. This fiber-cement surface can be tool worked and polished to reveal rich and intriguing grain and color qualities.

My study of cement technology and steel reinforcement has developed procedures for producing durable, weatherproof and permanent outdoor sculptures. I have designed and built several durable, steel reinforced cement matrix sculptures that were commissioned and are now installed in both outdoor and interior locations. Stainless steel reinforcement is now used exclusively in all my cement sculptures.”