Equation to Intimacy by Marie C. T. Lentsch


Stainless Steel, 120" × 50" 22"


Waterloo, Iowa


"Creating is great....intimacy. I wanted to go vertical in this intimacy, from being a painter to being a sculptor, from a flat canvas of color to a shimmery vertical canvas of shiny steel. It was a seemingly simple step.

Give back the SKY!

I took a piece of chalk, kneeled down on the floor of the shop and I drew a circle around myself as far as I could reach. I wanted to know what my 20 (plus or minus) feet of diameter looked like, was the original wonder.

I found the arc of my existence, my aura, my energy field — this I just learned from my studies in Kundalini Yoga, seven years later!

I did some math and figured out the degrees and arc of this circle that my arm drew. I took two small squares of steel and rolled them into the same degree, and that is when the two sheets of steel began to dance.

I saw the invisible overlapping of the arcs of two circles and this is where this sculpture called Equation to Intimacy II began.

That space where these two circles arc and overlap — the two circles' intersection, where the centers touch…exactly.

In Sacred Geometry — Vesica Piscis. (I found this word later, too.) This almond, eye shaped space is called this. It is the space created. It is the common ground, the shared vision, between equals called: UNION.

Well, I was very interested in that! I often drew these two arc lines overlapping that make a kind of a fish, kind of a cradle, a sliver moon, in all my doodles, and I always fill the arc, the cradle with hand drawn stars — another of my favorite themes!

Then I took two sheets of 10 foot high stainless steel, with a cardboard cutout of this arc I drew on the ground. I took it and got it rolled. A man named Troy rolled it for me on this big roller; we eyeballed it, and then measured it with the cardboard pattern. Perfect!

Then, I cut two long strips of stainless steel and drew into them the pictographs of my heart. These 2 strips were to hold the piece together, but mainly they were to be like two gills — a place to breathe, to send breath up and down and between.

The messages were inscribed on these panels. Not conscious or obvious messages, just what came out of my drawing. With the fire of the plasma torch, I cut these in. It is good to have space to breathe, and to breathe together, in union.

I polished the surface so it would be full of energy, to be sourced at all times, and it gives it a holographic feel and a depth of fascination. It is smooth to the touch, it is irresistible sometimes.

Call it a vertical river of dancing light. A commitment to do the equation, each side must do their own part of this equation, but it is all complete; whether one is doing it with a pencil in long hand, or is lightning fast and can do it with a couple of symbols and letters. Like Einstein decanted, it always all adds up to union and it is about equality."