Matt Miller


Matt is a Missouri native that grew up along the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau.  As a young child he was surrounded by his family and spent much time with his grandparents.  As time passed, Matt’s grandfathers began to strongly influence his creative play unintentionally.  Both grandfathers were craftsmen with one working in metal and the other in wood.  “I loved going to their workshops, they were filled with shapes and forms.”  Matt would spend hours stacking and connecting pieces into his own creations.  This is where he believes his love of building and creating began and says that these childhood memories surface constantly in his art.

Matt began his education with the intent to become an architect but soon realized he loved the building process even more than the design.  He said, “I had worked in construction for many years, you think I would have realized this a little sooner.”  He changed his major to art education with a minor in architectural design and found his direction in life.

Teaching now for several years, Matt enjoys the constant connection with art.  He can be found in his classroom teaching art as well as creating.  “I think for me to be a successful art teacher, I must first be an artist.”  He continues to educate beyond the walls of his room, in other classes and the community.   Matt has taken on a project with a local winery where he coordinates first Friday art openings and the first sculpture park in the Cape Girardeau area.  “The sculpture park is just in its beginning stages and we have had a lot of positive responses.  I can’t wait to complete what I envision on the property.”  There is no doubt that with Matt’s drive and commitment to art, he will continue to submerge himself into art and use it to sculpt his surroundings.