Deedee Morrison


As a sculptor and installation artist, my work has been influenced by my interest in biological forms and light; coupled with the interest in the natural world is a fascination for technical and scientific advances. As a result, a unique style has evolved to reflect my understanding of the natural world by using heavy industrial metals, laser jet cutting methods and organically inspired designs to create solar powered sustainable sculptures. By combining green consciousness with forward thinking and sustainable designs, each piece of artwork fabricated is a functional solar powered sculpture that pays tribute to natureʼs beautiful efficiency.

I work in a very industrial setting that is an inspiring work environment for an artist. My studio is in the home of the Old Republic Steel Mill and what is now Wade Sand and Gravel Quarry. When I work with rocks out of the quarry, the limestone is harvested from an area with 600 million years of geological history. I think the process of harvesting the stone brings a certain awareness and perspective to my work.  The second element of influence is the backdrop of the old steel mill and buildings that brought in the industrial development of this whole region and has now been made obsolete – Republic Steel closed in the 70’s.  There is, of course, residue and environmental impact from this period in Birmingham’s history but at the time, the plant made the most of the known technology at the time by producing by-products from the coke ovens that included gas, tar, light oil, etc.  It’s intriguing to think about how technology can continue to answer many of the compelling energy challenges we face today – smarter, cleaner and more energy efficient as we evolve in our understanding of what serves our future and the future of our children best.

The current sculpture projects that I am involved with seek to encourage themes that I believe are critical to the longevity and health of our communities. Nature by necessity has solved many of the problems we are facing in our physical and built environments. I attempt to imitate the design principles that exist in the natural world and promote sustainable solutions.  Public Art has the wonderful opportunity of communicating the values and lead a city in understanding it’s cultural identity.  I have recently installed two solar sculpture projects in Clearwater, Florida and Chattanooga, Tennessee. I also have two upcoming solar light sculpture installations going in Colorado and California this summer, along with planning exhibitions for several Botanical Gardens.  These gardens are a natural fit for organically inspired sustainable art that works to promote renewable energy solutions.

I have been working as a professional studio and public artist for over 10 years and my experience includes a broad range of commissioned work and public art planning and development. I believe that sculpture site planning should incorporate the nuances of the land, the specific environment and/or any unique cultural features that will contextualize the onsite art. My past experiences have facilitated an integrated approach to sculpture planning which emphasizes active collaborations and partnerships with design teams, landscape architects, architects, engineers and the community as a whole. I have a proven track record of completing public art projects within budget and deadlines.Each sculptures seeks to educate, enlighten and distribute natureʼs solution for our communities.  Every sculpture is fabricated for strength as well as beauty. They are made from industrial grade metals and constructed to withstand real world conditions.