Artist Spotlight: Nathan S. Pierce


My artistic vision is to create abstract forms that spark the imagination of the viewers and highlight the importance of communication. Whether we are engaging in dialogue with those around us, or finding new passions in life, it is fundamental that we continue seeking out and discovering new things. My work has always dealt with conflicts of confinement and freedom and exploring catalyst between the two: building or destroying communication systems. 
In the abstract form, these sculptures remind us of a fundamental idea, one that people of all ages can identify with. Their appendages likely reached out to send or receive signals from others.  It is difficult to discern whether they are from the future or the past, and regardless, one wonders how well they served their purpose, or if there was a purpose at all. These devices may be tangible evidence of how communication succeeds or fails in our own lives and in the lives of others.

The material I use and the process of my work is directly influenced by experience. I come from a mid-west, blue collar family that has been in the construction business for four generations. The idea to create sculpture from those same materials seemed natural and permanent. My decision to utilize the benefits of structural steel in my work also comes from being inspired by the fabrication process. I enjoy the dedication and commitment that is required with this material, it helps build character.