Jack Howard-Potter // New Website Shop Open!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of a some exciting new products on my website.  I have been selling small statues on the website for a while now but wanted to add a few products that anyone could afford.

The first new products are the canvas prints.

I have taken two images of my sculpture and manipulated them to create a very graphic and clean canvas print.  The two sculptures that are depicted are both smaller table top pieces, one called Dancer 8 and the other Dancer 9.  The canvases are visually stunning images that capture the expression of the sculptures in a new and interesting way.

The second set of products I have added are t-shirts.  

The same images that appear on the canvas prints are offered on t-shirts.  I am always excited to connect with people or brands by wearing their t-shirts and wanted to offer people the same opportunity to have a piece of my work in an affordable and fun way.

I hope you take a moment to look through the shop and browse the products I have added.  Please also take a look through the current show list to see if there is an original sculpture nearby so you can visit!