Two Flames by Shawn Morin

Piece Specifications:

Cast Bronze Cast Stainless Steel, Fabricated Steel

Creation Date:


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Weston, OH

Studio Location:

Bowling Green, OH

How long have you been sculpting?

Over 30 years.

What got you into this medium?

Experimentation, personality and the material’s properties, longevity and working characteristics.

Where did the inspiration for this selected piece derive?

The original idea centered on the tri-unity of God, as there is another flame that was part of the initial piece, which was called Three Flames.

How long did it take you to complete this piece?

About a month.

How do you want the sculpture garden audience to look at your work?

Viewers come to a work of art with their own interpretation and understanding. It is my contention that the creation of artwork is not unlike the creation of the universe. I hope that when people see my work, they come to an understanding that both the creation and viewing of artwork is a highly spiritual experience and as such, can point us back to God and his creative qualities.

What other artists inspire you?

There are so many artists that inspire me. Renaissance artists, Modern Artists and Contemporary artists alike all play into my inspirational motivations.

Why do you do the work you do?

Compulsion! The creative person has no choice but to create. It is in their biological, chemical, psychological and spiritual makeup.

Where do you have other works?

Through the USA and South Korea.

How do you finance the work that you do?

Sales and commissions mostly.