Greely Myatt


Myatt, whose decade’s-long art-making career has often focused on communication, expands upon his comic-strip/thought-bubble motif with his use of familiar materials like steel, wax, electricity, found objects, linoleum and air. Under Myatt’s watch the form is turned as many ways as possible while still remaining immediately recognizable. Combined with references of his complex Southern background and interest in the suggestion of a narrative that is, once visually unraveled, both witty and provocative, the Artist ignites a storm of conversation for the viewer without actually spelling anything out.

A new central component in Myatt’s work is his use of light to implement the idea of 'closure'; a gestalt principle that takes advantage of the placement of seemingly absent forms within an artwork so that the viewer completes the work in the mind. Shafts or planes of light take on various forms such as color to complete what initially appears to be negative space. For him, the act of conversation is important – not just the words.